Key players


Event Venues (places) : Convention centres, Concert Halls, stadiums, exhibition halls, museums, cultural monuments, temporary (tent) villages

lieu 0Green Événements is specialized in providing help to places and destinations, and we master this management from A to Z, having already done this for a consistent number of various places. We can help you visualize your project, how to proceed with implementing your sustainable policy, how to set up a sensible purchasing system, all while using your feedbacks to help us improve, event after event.

You are Event-related professionals (technicians, sound and visual logistics, suppliers, caterers, security agents.....)

prestasAs crucial links, you are there to provide your expertise to set up events. Your technical knowhow contributes to how organizers adopt an eco friendly attitude. Make yourself stand out compared with your competitors by setting up eco-focused actions while following advice from Green Evénements consultants.

You are Event managers and agencies specialized in professional, sports, political or cultural events:

orgasShould your event be unique or recurrent, Green Événements will provide you with relevant advice to highlight your event for its environmental dimension. Management will be upgraded and teams will thus improve skills and efficiency.

You are State-run institutions (local authorities, ministries, and any other centralised or regional public services)

institAs such, either organising or hosting, you use the event as a way to promote your region and concentrate on general interest. You are accustomed to managing or supporting various types of events (related to sports, arts, politics, work...): Green Événements is there to bring you the best possible and most efficient process adapted to your management policy that will thus gain efficiency and concern.

You are Partners and Participants (private companies, public institutions, charities, media, etc.)

partenairesYou support an event or you benefit from this event to display, promote, explain your actions as part of various events: Green Événements will help you set up sets of the tools you will resort to with partners as part of a strategic policy and within a frame of eco-focused initiatives.