Evénements 3.0, the web portal for events and sustainable development. 

Evénements 3.0 was developed by Green Evénements in 2011 in order to share knowledge and the latest news regarding sustainable Development as adapted to events.

In September 2012, Evenements 3.0 was recognized as the best local initiative by the UN program for sustainable tourism (Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism).


The evenements 3.0 portal gives you access to many features including : 

- A search engine which includes more than 350 eco-responsible event providers throughout France.
Its function is bring together event providers who have an eco-responsable approach (reception areas, business gifts, technical service providers, caterers, etc) , with event buyers (organizers, agencies, Work councils, local authorities, etc.),

- A database on Sustainable Development as applied to the event sector (issues, standards, labels, etc.),
- Current news from the eco-responsable events sector,
- Ideas for turnkey and solidarity seminars.


Logo 3.0