Outstanding Achievement

exemplaritéGreen Événements' s philosophy is : " Reach your goal and be efficient "
This does not prevent us from being concerned with keeping the company' s social responsibility as our priority - being aware of our role in maintaining social links while also focusing on conducting our activities along values held dear to the Corporate Social Responsibility.
Our internal management aims at optimizing our staff´s skills development, their acquisition of knowledge, and the development of their autonomy. Our main and daily preoccupation is to obey ethical duty towards our clients as well as providing them with transparency.



partageWe believe in sharing.
Nothing is acquired once and for all: so, to keep evolving and to continuously gain from experience, we regularly take part in think tank workshops. This is an essential time for self-evaluation, to exchange viewpoints, to share expertise, to network with new and former key partners.
As part of this policy, Green Événements accepts and indulges in sharing knowledge and tools to enable partners to act along with its structure. This sharing philosophy positively contributes to the spreading of relevant and efficient practices as well as to adopting new behaviours from beginning to end.



innovationWe are convinced that sustainability provides society with a great opportunity to completely reconsider the traditional economic pattern. Without a doubt the Event Management Industry has a vital role to play as so many of our colleagues share the same objective : hence Green Événements' dedication to novelty and change.
Any initiative aimed at contributing to French Excellency in this industry following sustainable and responsible guidelines is of great interest to us.
This is why, as early as 2009, we started luring French companies to abide by BS 8901 standard (now ISO 20121). This motivation is also what leads us to refresh and update working methods to encourage the largest number of partners  to engage in good practices. Notably, we accompany simultaneously 36 companies - all involved in one single professional network- to adopt this ISO 20121 certification ( Les Traiteurs de France).