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The way we meet is a way to shape the world

Béatrice EasthamFounder of Green Evénements

If we lead by example every time we organize an event, it’s so many opportunities to transform the world

Camille SoulacroixISO20121 Consulting Director


Green Evénements is 10 years old !

Thank you for your trust and loyalty !

Béatrice Eastham

Founder and CEO of Green Evénements

Béatrice Eastham is the founder and CEO of Green Evénéments consulting firm and has been at its head for more than 10 years.

Hugo Bertacchini

Managing Director

Adeline Labelle

Strategic and Consulting Director

Camille Soulacroix

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

Nicole Fomekong

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

Phillipe Cunha

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

Anaïs Dazan

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

Béatrice Mazerolles

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

“10 years by your side, inventing new models, challenging the status-quo, dreaming of new solutions, enacting meaning and progress. We can feel it, the tipping point, the changing mindset, “the growing no” towards unreasoned overconsumption, and the desire for our creativity to serve the common good.
And who is better than the architects of gatherings, the actors of the event and tourism industries, to build new models ?

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts !” – The Green Team

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Estelle Lethuillier

ISO 20121 Consulting Director

Amicie Féquant

ISO 20121 Consulting Director


IT and Security Officer

Tania Placido

Chief Happiness Officer

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