We are specialised as consultants in sustainable strategic approaches related to event management.

geneseSAS Green Evénements was founded in 2009 by Beatrice Eastham (our current CEO). The consultancy shows a 7-year-regular growth rate and aims at being one of the major actors in an emerging in France when it comes to the responsible conception of events.
Its activity is dedicated to counseling regarding sustainable development related to all sorts of events, as shown by the four positions composing our office.

Support in sustainable strategy

Green Événements is on your side to accompany all event management actors wishing to set up sustainable event strategy and process (Sustainable Management System).

  • Most of our customers request Green Événements' support and counsel for sustainable strategy consultancy, often seeking to partner with us for ISO 20121 certification,
  • In addition, our team is trained to help with short term issues raised by responses to calls for bids, including : strategic industrial analysis, setting up of an adapted positioning strategy, and recapitulation and listing of basic elements related to sustainable concern.

Providing sustainable training

Green Événements is registered as a training body with DIRECCTE (#11754504175).

We have developed a "standard" training program as well as a "made to order measure" option focusing on sustainable events.

These modules deal with the following themes (not an exhaustive list) :

  • " Events and Sustainable Development",
  • " Introduction to ISO 20121 certification for company executive ",
  • " ISO 20121 for announcers ",
  • " Green purchasing ",
  • " Teams awareness ",
  • " Introduction to Sustainable Development ",
  • " How to answer a call for bids ",
  • Business School courses.

Green Evénements and Innovation

Setting up new, standardized sustainable procedures necessarily results in creating values inspiring innovation.

That is why, it is Green Événements ultimate goal to accompany industry partners in the creation of new tools, new products, and new services which will enable all individuals to adopt a long term policy aimed at improvement.

Here is a list of some projects we have led :

  • Conception and setting up of an app focused on evaluating the impacts of sustainable development : https://unimev.verteego.com/home/home ,
  • Conception of specific stands and spaces entirely devoted to sustainable development at professional Fairs,
  • Conception and development of adapted sustainable event related offers (new products and services).