The standard

The ISO 20121 Standard.

isoDesignating “systems of responsible management applied to the events industry”, the ISO 20121 Standard aims to promote the integration of sustainable development into event organization. Emerging in June 2012, just before the Olympic Games in London, this standard inspired the British standard BS 8901 specially created for events.

It is well known that the organization of an event requires a lot of energy and resources, that result in a social, environmental, and economic impact that can't be ignored. This is why leaders and key players in the field of event planning have mobilized to reenforce efforts aimed and fixing objectives for improvement and putting this new standard into place.

What is the ISO 20121 Standard?

- An international reference for responsible management dedicated to the events industry,

- A standard that defines a specific framework for each structure to aim to establish, with the participation of all concerned parties. The standard is a group of assembled procedures that allows the identification of key elements of sustainable development that apply to the event industry and to integrate them into your organization or event plans,

- The first international industry standard for sustainable development.

Who does it concern?

Organizations of all types and sizes, contributing to the conception and implementation of events. Sectors & Participants.


General Characteristics

- An approach through management systems that applies to the structure and its operating systems,

- A participative process with involved parties which requires taking into account the expectations and requirements of collaborators, suppliers, participants, public entities, etc,

- A progressive process following the principal of continued improvement,

- A validation, both internal (uniting teams around a shared project and increased competency) and external (improving one's image and increasing business), of sustainable development,

- Concrete actions designed to function with market expectations in the event industry,

- A response to your needs, irregardless of your level of engagement with sustainable development (from beginner to expert).


Why commit to the ISO 20121 standard ?

Conforming with the ISO 20121 Standard allows you to formalize your commitment to sustainable development in a clear and global way, as well as motivate your collaborators, improve dialogue with your colleagues, as well as engage in a continual process of improvement which will open doors to new opportunities. 

The most commonly cited benefits include:
- Accelerating engagement
- Responding to expectations of clients and collaborators
- Uniting your team around a meaningful project
- Highlighting responsible practices and savoir-faire
- Concretizing the desire to act
- Anticipating regulations

Why partner with Green Evénements?

Partnership for the ISO 20121 certification is one of the many service that Green Evénements offers.

As experts in this certification, Green Evénements proposes a personalized partnership throughout the process.


Why choose us? 

-Time saving when it comes to implementing requirements and the guarantee that the standard will be used to create value, growth, and sustainable creation and innovation,

- Members of the Green Evénements team were co-authors of the ISO 20121 during the Afnor committee,

- 100% certification success rate upon first presentation,

- Help with the conception of sustainable development strategies and policies,

- The establishment of a dialogue between interested parties throughout the process,

- The facilitation of work groups and training sessions with collaborators,

- Writing of procedures and internal audits.


The step-by-step approach.